Welcome to EDC3100

Hello, my name is Nicole, I am a third year uni student at USQ and this is my first ever Blog Post. I have never read a blog before let alone written one. I do not feel I am computer illiterate but I am feeling a little overwhelmed by this course already. Hopefully as time goes on I can quickly pick up the ‘ins and outs’ of these new websites and programs integrated into EDC3100 so i feel more comfortable using them.

So a little about me, I am a mum of two cute, crazy, hair-raising children, that i love to bits and wife to an amazing husband. My wonderful little family is my priority in life. Unfortunately, society demands that i make money to survive and as faith has it I have been working with children and youth since leaving high school. This was never the plan, from as young as I can remember I always wanted to be a Wildlife Conservationist and travel the world saving animals… but this industry isn’t always family friendly, and a lot of volunteer unpaid work is usually expected (sadly this doesn’t pay the bills). So I felt education was the place to share my passion for life and the environment with all those young, enthusiastic minds, and together we can create a place, inside and outside the classroom, that we can be proud of.