Search for Transformation

Completing Assignment One after being introduced to the RAT model, i searched dozens of lesson plans that Transform the use of ICTs in the classroom. Sadly I mostly found Replacement use of ICTs and sometimes a dash of Amplified inclusion on ICTs but was yet to find a lesson that Transformed ICTs to another world.  I was impressed with 


Classroom Blog

I’ve been blogging with my Foundation (4-6 year old) students for the better part of the last 5+ years. It’s my absolutely favourite, go-to tool for communicating and sharing information with families, as well as using it with the students to create authentic writing examples. Today I want to share my Top 5 Reasons for […]

Being brand new to blogging myself i have to say I’m totally enjoying the experience during this EDC3100 uni course and can see the great potential it has in the classroom. Via 5 Reasons to Have a Classroom Blog — Miss Galvin Learns shares with us her  top five reason’s she blogs with her Preps. This came as a bit of a shock to me (not the top 5 reasons, i totally agree with them and think sharing class work and pictures etc with working families through a blog is brilliant, as a parent myself my kids give me no inkling as to what they do everyday and if i wasn’t a parent helper in the classroom i never would find out) i was shocked that Miss Galvin blogs with preppies. I would not have thought to try blogging with such youngsters but she is clearly paving the path for the rest of us to follow. I just wish my children’s teachers would catch up with the times and start blogging too!! I can already see assignment 2 will be jammed packed with hypothetical classrooms blogging away till their hearts content – i just wonder how we change this from the hypothetical classroom to the physical classroom.

Quest Garden

Im sure my fellow EDX3280 course goers moaned and groaned when they read Quest Garden as my title! What a huge assignment Quest Garden was (or so i thought)! So this got me thinking how does Quest Garden fit into the RAT scheme of things?

To begin with Quest Garden claims to take learners beyond rote learning into the wonderful world of web quests where through self-paced, inquiry learning students self-discover new concepts, units and topics and they can be as complex or simple as the teacher wishes them to be. I feel a LOT of time and effort goes into these Web Quests and at the end of the day are they only Amplifying student learning when in RAT words we need to be transforming learning?

Transforming can be hard to achieve so i give snaps to Web Quests for Amplifying and Enhancing students learning with the use of ICTs. When i completed my Web Quest i was rather impressed with myself but thought how can a full time teacher spare 80hr+ for one mini-unit? It seemed un-realistic, but im sure they more you make the quicker and easier it becomes. Then again the more i’m learning about the RAT Framework the more i think, all the students are completing the same activities, everything is pre-determined by the teacher – are we just using ICTs the same way we have always done? Just with students guiding themselves now and teachers facilitating?  Are Web Quests Transforming learning?!?!  I leaning towards not so much… or am i being too critical?


How can we integrate purposeful ICTs into our classroom?!?! I want to, at the very least, enhance and amplify my lessons with the mind blowing possibilities on the World Wide Web – i was looking through my book marked pages and seen Glogster?!

I could vaguely remember using it in an assignment and thought to myself how could kids use this in the classroom? I came up with a few ideas  – firstly for a field trip report – they could take digital photos while out on the field trip, then when they come back to the classroom turn it into a compelling multimedia interactive report – complete with step by step accounts, photos and even a video clip.

Students could use Glogster for reflection on a topic or concept, using it to activate prior knowledge then going back and adding what they learn later, presenting a science report. It could be used for a digital story recount – breaking the story down into its main features then presenting it to the class… that was the few things i came up with as i flicked through the website – what do you think? some good possibilities there… the only minor downfall i could think of is that students would need to create their own account, but then their works will be saved and they will have access to their accounts at home so Glogster may also be included in homework…


Glogster™ © 2007 – 2015

End of Wk 3

Thank You 

But upon reflection this week has given me insight into the importance of purposeful ICT’s in the classroom. No more  ‘low-end fast food’ approaches that we see in schools today.  I cant just put on a YouTube clip and say I have integrated ICT and Pedagogy into my lesson, i need to aim at Enhancing and Transforming student learning, instructional methods or curriculum goals (SLIC). If i am simply replacing an existing instructional method by using a IWB instead of writing on the black board then im not aiming high enough. Transforming is the ultimate goal – im ready to give it a go!

Not there Yet…

Thank You  weeks EDC3100 learning path! I try to take in all the information in the learning path and sometimes get so caught up with trying to get to the end of it that i forget the great bits at the start!

I thought it was brilliant that teachers are being encouraged to use the term “not yet” instead of “fail” to promote a positive attitude towards learning and avoid damaging students confidence and motivation. I hope to see it out and about in schools on prac or hope to be able to use it myself when talking and interacting with students. I was even thinking i should use it on myself to remind myself i might not yet fully understand everything being thrown at me in this course but that doesn’t mean i am failing!

I am yet to go and check out the accompanying article Michelle linked to her blog  Teachers told: use “Not Yet” in replace of “Fail” so im going to go and do that right now – i might see you there!



Copyright here and there and everywhere! Trying to get my head around the fact that everything is Copyright by Default unless otherwise stated?!?

Here i was posting and sharing all these lovely, funny, humorous pics on my blog to make it catchy and engaging, just like 

Now every picture i see i am questioning the copyright laws…. is that in public domain? How can i be sure? Does it come under the Creative Commons or other license? Will it clearly state that on an image if i want to use it or will i need to go searching for this thing called creative commons and licences? I know if i created the resource/picture/video than i am free to do with it what i like but do i really have copyright to it or does the university or employer i work for?  Do i just send an email to everyone who has posted am image i wish to use to ask permission to use their image? will they respond quickly or at all? Its all still a little much to take in and i think i will need to contiune to learn about copyright and the laws and licencing agreements that everything is covered by…

p.s. no image for this blog because i cant be sure if im allowed to use it or not

Technology Revolution

Working through this weeks learning path i was nodding and agreeing with the statement of the Silver Bullet.  The idea that technology alone can solve teaching and learning problems and that simply having ipads in every classroom for every student will revolutionize education was a bit far fetched. Technology alone cannot solve teaching and learning problems, it is how technology is used that can potentially make the difference. So how can i apply this in my classroom?

With the overwhelming amount of ICT and pedagogy information thrown at us in the first three weeks of this course i felt the Padagogy Wheel was a invaluable resource for teachers to refer to when planning and implementing ICT into their classrooms, as did fellow uni student 


I Hate TEch Moment

In full study mode, 10 web pages open, reading moodle books, listening to lectures, reading other students blogs, teachers blogs, linking everything to my own blog – when technology turns on me and i’m angrily yelling no no no why why why at my computer! Lost everything as my computer decides to shut down everything im doing and upgrade to windows 10?!?!?! Not asked for! Before being rudely interrupted by my own computer my now lost- blog- in- the- making went something like this…..

…How can i retain all of this new and interesting information surrounding available resources when integrating ICT into lesson plans?!?! Concurring with fellow pre-service blogger 

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy by Fractus Learning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Bloom’s Taxonomy goes Digital

Feeling like a Mr Clancy ourcing: Maths Bloom’s Taxonomy although Blooms Taxonomy is nothing new – have heard this repeated time and time again, in every course and every semester since starting uni, this one is Blooms with a twist, why have we never been offered a Blooms Taxonomy list of verbs with digital additions? Seems so relevant to today’s teaching and learning pedagogy that i just had to print it out and add it to my collection of important things to remember when planning lesson plans (added to the piles and piles of folders that i rarely look back on, but feel it important enough at the time that one day i might flick thru it and go ohhhh yess that was a great resource!). Do yourself a favor and go check out BloomDigital for yourself. I assure you will will feel the need to print it out and add to your collection of useful things for teaching 😀