Day 2

Day two of EDC3100 and I had planned not to come back to this course for a couple of days – after a wee stressful day yesterday trying to figure out how to work feedly, diigo and especially how to create this blog. I had planned to start looking at my other courses today but instead i still have not even opened the other courses instead I found myself opening this course up straight away because it seems so interesting and engaging.

I have a bit of a Love?Hate relationship with ICT’s. I get frustrated and annoyed when trying to learn something new that doesn’t seem easy or logical or just simply isn’t working but then when it’s up and running and i feel comfortable using it, i love it! I can love it so much that i get addicted to it (confessed facebook addict). I use ICT’s everyday, in all walks of life, googling something i quickly want to know about, communicating with long lost friends, booking appointments or asking my neighbour a quick question. I love how classrooms have access to such interesting and fun websites and students can engage in learning in a way i was never exposed to in school (because there wasn’t internet in the classrooms till i was in late high school).  But then I spend too much time enjoying it, messaging people, googling recipes i will never get around to cooking and i think is technology helping us or hindering us. Are we all so caught up in cyber space that we are missing out on reality? I ignore what my three year old is trying to tell me or show me because I’m busy in cyber space trying to message my gym instructor about booking an appointment that isn’t until next week. I just missed that little face looking up at me, looking for my approval, my congratulations for creating a most beautiful image out of tomato sauce on the kitchen table. Instead when i finally look up all i see is a huge mess and my three year has left the room, disgusted that i didn’t respond. Will she eventually stop looking for me when she wants to share her achievements? So this is when i Hate technology. Do we all need to take a step back and get back to reality or is this the new reality ?



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