How could i pass this up?

When i read this title 10 Essential iPad Apps for Elementary Teachers @ Education Tech and Mobile Learning site how could i pass it up?

Ipads can create great learning opportunities for students when used in context with the overall learning outcome. But the App Store is over flowing with games and activities claiming to teach kids maths or english skills… so how do teachers have the time to sift through the thousands of educational apps available?!!? I’m hoping that sites like Education Tech & Mobile Learning do all the work for us and provide the top 10 ipad apps that elementary teachers can implement into their classroom, that are engaging and educational at the same time. It must be  difficult for teachers to always be up-to-date with the newest and best apps and technology for their students, and to always be trying to bring creativity and imagination to the same old reading and writing activities so i hope this is when sites such as this one can be a great savior.


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