ICT’s to enhance not replace

“Reading through some of our study material, a question was posed that I don’t think many of us would like to think about. What if just for one day we had to live without any ICTs? How would we function? I almost immediately thought about my day. We woke up and checked the weather as it was a little cloudy. We use the weatherzone app… Source: No ICT? What?

ICT’s have become such a important part of people’s lives that being asked to live without them seems unrealistic. ICT’s for education, teaching, learning and for life is the “norm”, but is it all for the best. I think ICT’s should be used to enhance learning and teaching and all aspects of life without replacing old fashion, hands-on learning, communicating and living. That must be why i feel my children need to have iPad free days and limited hours on the Xbox. I make them interact with each other, building face-to-face social skills, having conversations, asking questions, going outside, riding their scooters, sharing with their friends, not just playing a skateboard game on the nintendo. ICT’s can not replace these skills but they can be used to enhance them.


2 thoughts on “ICT’s to enhance not replace

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