Bloom’s Taxonomy goes Digital

Feeling like a Mr Clancy ourcing: Maths Bloom’s Taxonomy although Blooms Taxonomy is nothing new – have heard this repeated time and time again, in every course and every semester since starting uni, this one is Blooms with a twist, why have we never been offered a Blooms Taxonomy list of verbs with digital additions? Seems so relevant to today’s teaching and learning pedagogy that i just had to print it out and add it to my collection of important things to remember when planning lesson plans (added to the piles and piles of folders that i rarely look back on, but feel it important enough at the time that one day i might flick thru it and go ohhhh yess that was a great resource!). Do yourself a favor and go check out BloomDigital for yourself. I assure you will will feel the need to print it out and add to your collection of useful things for teaching 😀


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