Copyright here and there and everywhere! Trying to get my head around the fact that everything is Copyright by Default unless otherwise stated?!?

Here i was posting and sharing all these lovely, funny, humorous pics on my blog to make it catchy and engaging, just like 

Now every picture i see i am questioning the copyright laws…. is that in public domain? How can i be sure? Does it come under the Creative Commons or other license? Will it clearly state that on an image if i want to use it or will i need to go searching for this thing called creative commons and licences? I know if i created the resource/picture/video than i am free to do with it what i like but do i really have copyright to it or does the university or employer i work for?  Do i just send an email to everyone who has posted am image i wish to use to ask permission to use their image? will they respond quickly or at all? Its all still a little much to take in and i think i will need to contiune to learn about copyright and the laws and licencing agreements that everything is covered by…

p.s. no image for this blog because i cant be sure if im allowed to use it or not


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