I Hate TEch Moment

In full study mode, 10 web pages open, reading moodle books, listening to lectures, reading other students blogs, teachers blogs, linking everything to my own blog – when technology turns on me and i’m angrily yelling no no no why why why at my computer! Lost everything as my computer decides to shut down everything im doing and upgrade to windows 10?!?!?! Not asked for! Before being rudely interrupted by my own computer my now lost- blog- in- the- making went something like this…..

…How can i retain all of this new and interesting information surrounding available resources when integrating ICT into lesson plans?!?! Concurring with fellow pre-service blogger 

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy by Fractus Learning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


One thought on “I Hate TEch Moment

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