Not there Yet…

Thank You  weeks EDC3100 learning path! I try to take in all the information in the learning path and sometimes get so caught up with trying to get to the end of it that i forget the great bits at the start!

I thought it was brilliant that teachers are being encouraged to use the term “not yet” instead of “fail” to promote a positive attitude towards learning and avoid damaging students confidence and motivation. I hope to see it out and about in schools on prac or hope to be able to use it myself when talking and interacting with students. I was even thinking i should use it on myself to remind myself i might not yet fully understand everything being thrown at me in this course but that doesn’t mean i am failing!

I am yet to go and check out the accompanying article Michelle linked to her blog  Teachers told: use “Not Yet” in replace of “Fail” so im going to go and do that right now – i might see you there!



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