How can we integrate purposeful ICTs into our classroom?!?! I want to, at the very least, enhance and amplify my lessons with the mind blowing possibilities on the World Wide Web – i was looking through my book marked pages and seen Glogster?!

I could vaguely remember using it in an assignment and thought to myself how could kids use this in the classroom? I came up with a few ideas  – firstly for a field trip report – they could take digital photos while out on the field trip, then when they come back to the classroom turn it into a compelling multimedia interactive report – complete with step by step accounts, photos and even a video clip.

Students could use Glogster for reflection on a topic or concept, using it to activate prior knowledge then going back and adding what they learn later, presenting a science report. It could be used for a digital story recount – breaking the story down into its main features then presenting it to the class… that was the few things i came up with as i flicked through the website – what do you think? some good possibilities there… the only minor downfall i could think of is that students would need to create their own account, but then their works will be saved and they will have access to their accounts at home so Glogster may also be included in homework…


Glogster™ © 2007 – 2015


4 thoughts on “Glogster

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