Quest Garden

Im sure my fellow EDX3280 course goers moaned and groaned when they read Quest Garden as my title! What a huge assignment Quest Garden was (or so i thought)! So this got me thinking how does Quest Garden fit into the RAT scheme of things?

To begin with Quest Garden claims to take learners beyond rote learning into the wonderful world of web quests where through self-paced, inquiry learning students self-discover new concepts, units and topics and they can be as complex or simple as the teacher wishes them to be. I feel a LOT of time and effort goes into these Web Quests and at the end of the day are they only Amplifying student learning when in RAT words we need to be transforming learning?

Transforming can be hard to achieve so i give snaps to Web Quests for Amplifying and Enhancing students learning with the use of ICTs. When i completed my Web Quest i was rather impressed with myself but thought how can a full time teacher spare 80hr+ for one mini-unit? It seemed un-realistic, but im sure they more you make the quicker and easier it becomes. Then again the more i’m learning about the RAT Framework the more i think, all the students are completing the same activities, everything is pre-determined by the teacher – are we just using ICTs the same way we have always done? Just with students guiding themselves now and teachers facilitating?  Are Web Quests Transforming learning?!?!  I leaning towards not so much… or am i being too critical?


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