Search for Transformation

Completing Assignment One after being introduced to the RAT model, i searched dozens of lesson plans that Transform the use of ICTs in the classroom. Sadly I mostly found Replacement use of ICTs and sometimes a dash of Amplified inclusion on ICTs but was yet to find a lesson that Transformed ICTs to another world.  I was impressed with 


One thought on “Search for Transformation

  1. The difficulty finding transformation is not something I find all that surprising. I’m going to be really interested in analysing everyone’s marked checklists to see how many examples of transformation were found.

    Seesaw looks interesting, do remember though that it’s not the tool that makes for transformation (or even amplification) it’s how you use it. Seesaw looks like a tool that would be most usefully integrated across everything in a year/class. Since you’re creating the context for your unit plan, you could stipulate this up front. Having good uses of tool like Seesaw as almost a classroom routine would provide a good foundation for doing some really interesting things.

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