I do find unit plan assignments rather more interesting than a 2000 word essay but im starting to get a bit stressed with the due date looming!!

…SO after ploughing away all day on my Unit Plan and getting rather stuck half way through i have had a break through and am doing a bit of an overhaul. I was very impressed with Splash ABC resources and their follow on activities integration of ICTs. They are not just guiding teachers to watch a clip with the class then reflect with a direct question – answer session … no… they are providing teachers with opportunities for students to show their learning and understanding through the use of ICTs. For example suggesting students provide their answers through the use of word clouds like Wordle, or depict the journey of the first fleet by using an online mapping tool like Google maps or Scribble maps – very up to date and relevant i thought – not the old ABC i remember back in the old school yard


Pre Prac Prep


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Working thru the learning path and reading everyones blogs i find myself signing up to hundreds of subscriptions and joining every teacher/learning site for ideas / apps / programs / the newest exciting ways to integrate ICT into the classroom sites imaginable! My poor inbox is flooded with emails for teachers and lesson ideas that i find myself just deleting everything before i even read it. As i say this here i am signing up to yet another site… Kahoot! I always plan to come back to these sites and explore how I would use them in the classroom but i usually just run out of time and think ill get back to that later… but later is running out as assignmnet 2 is looming so im going in-depth with kahoot (mostly because i like the name) I am also swamped in History content because i want to know as much as i can about the content im teaching then i get really interested in the stories and spend the whole day discovering what women in the 1700s wore on sunday – ahh get back on track!


Ten Sum App


Expanding PCK

I am finally understanding the ‘big idea’ of Feedly and WordPress. They are both valuable tools in helping to develop my professional content knowledge (PCK)

Thanks to Expanding PCK – It has been finally been put into layman’s  terms that all these ICT tools (Feedly, Diigo, WordPress) are incorporated into this course as a valuable way to expand on our PCK! Im sure the lecturer has been hinting at this and trying to get us (ME) to discover this for yourselves! But thanks Corrina for just throwing it out there 🙂

She also shared some great ICT resources that i plan on looking into more deeply –  Padlet  and Answergarden. With a quick look they seem like a useful resource i can incorporate into both my Assignment 2 and on prac. What a great way to start the day :))

Google It

Love that the learning path advised me to Google misconceptions that students may have about the content i wish to deliver… derr why didnt i think of that?!?! I google everything else! And i found a some great advise from teachers with loads more experience than me about those very misconceptions i need to know. Instead of being in the classroom and delivering a new lesson for the first time and then discovering students misconceptions – lets be prepared for that. My Science course had a huge focus on misconceptions so let my university brain generalise that over to all subjects and of course students are going to come in with prior knowledge that may be misconstrued – Knowing that there are common misconceptions is called Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) (if that doesnt ring a bell then google it 🙂 The Khan Academy has received some flack over their lack of PCK so again lets Be Prepared so says Simba from the Lion King! Which reminds me of Kung Fu Panda 3 wisdom – totally have to agree, when watching that with my kids on the school holidays good old Master Shifu had some advise very fitting for a teacher “I am not trying to turn you into me, I am turning you into you”.

Blog Sharing

I had to laugh at Here a Tab, there a Tab, everywhere a Tab Tab… Boy do i have some Tabs open!! I really am enjoying reading my fellow students blogs and having all these Ahh Ha moments when i am feeling the exact same way as everyone else – its not just me 🙂 Then Michelle shared this hilarious new ABC’s for the youngest generation and this morning homework duty with my preppie popped into my head – this week is the letter ‘H’, she asked me whats begins with H? I said Hanky… and she looked at me with a “say what” face and said whats that?!?! then i rummaged around in my bottom drawer to find her great grandmas hanky… i really should have just said Hi5.

So to go with the flow and follow everyones lead im going to share my content descriptors matched with the best standard elaborations for my criteria…

 Yr 4 History / HASS

Content Descriptor

·          Stories of the First Fleet, including reasons for the journey, who travelled to Australia, and their experiences following arrival (ACHASSK085)

Matches with – Understanding & Skills Dimensions / Historical knowledge & understanding

Content Descriptor

·         Examine information to identify different points of view and distinguish facts from opinions (ACHASSI077)

Matches with – Understanding & Skills Dimension / Analysing & Interpret

Content Descriptor

  • Present ideas, findings and conclusions in texts and modes that incorporate digital and non-digital representations and discipline-specific terms (ACHASSI082)

Matches with – Understanding & Skills Dimensions / Communicating…

Now for my confusion do i elaborate on these are leave it as it is? Do i have three – one for each content descriptor? Back to the learning path for me to see if i can find some answers… your answers are more than welcomed!!!

Stage 2 – assessment evidence

I always start an assignment by feeling overwhelmed, then there is usually a stage where i get a bit excited about planning the lessons and finding great activities to engage the students – usually involves a trip to Pinterest  and of course there it was a million ideas and activities about the First Fleet 🙂 Then i jumped back onto Google and discovered AC History Units written by Australian History teachers, without going into too much depth i wanted to use these as a guide as to how to sequence my unit for Assignmnet 2 then amplify and transform these lessons using ICTs – yeah!

So i continue to work thru the learning path & come to Stage 2 – assessment. Formative and Summative. These two usually confuse me so i say to myself Summative is a summary of all the work the students have done in the unit so it must go at the end. So what is formative?  i thought it was observing students progress and giving suggestions, reading their daily work and journals, having a group discussion and reflecting on the learning but i have now learnt that that would be incorrect and Formative is much more than that, it is infact….

Formative assessment: To be formative you must be able to give individual feedback to each student. If each student is doing a presentation of their answer, you still need to give some formal feedback on which they can reflect and act.

A class discussion of the question / answer would not be formative assessment.

QCAA says that formative assessment is formal and uses criteria and must include giving formal feedback on specific criteria. General observations, structured questions, and class discussion are not formative assessment. Turning in journals, marking drafts, short quizzes – all with feedback – are formative assessment.

Ass 2 Unit

Working through this weeks learning path, i have too many ideas swirling around in my head… deciding on my “somewhere” think i have my Pre-amble sorted –  Completed: Pre-amble tick.

Understanding  Identifying transforming and constructing knowledge objectives  Completed: Identifying transforming and constructing knowledge objectives tick. That seems pretty self-explanatory when i link it to my prior knowledge on Blooms Taxonomy.

Now to choose the content descriptor from the syllabus Students will know that… (Constructing Knowledge objectives) and Students will be able to… (Transforming objectives). 

What path do i go down…. i always seem to do a English unit or lesson when the choice is left up to me because i feel this is a weakness and the learning path clearly recommended I aim at my weakness to overcome it but then i saw  michelleferriere post about making mathematics fun and engaging with the help of incorporating ICT and i thought maybe i should focus on math because i always incorporate the use of hands on activities and concrete resources to maths lesson but little in the way of ICT unless you count the maths rotations where one group is independently doing a game on the ipads… but then again maybe History would be interesting, ive never planned a History unit so i headed over to the AC and realised that Humanities and Social Sciences has a new look, a new name p-6/7 HASS clearly i need to investigate this further so Yr 4 History it is – lets check out my First Fleet knowledge!

Wow indeed, digital book

So I might be getting a little too excited here, but imagine if I could get the kids on placement to do this! This interactive book is amazing. I know that the date of the TedTalk is 2011 and anyone reading this would probably think that I am really behind, but I actually am really […]

Thanks Jaz for sharing your find of This interactive book Source via Wow, digital book….wow… — jazupblog! This is fantastic, i want to explore how many more interactive books like this one are out there. I truly feel this has transformed books for the future. Imagine how much extra information and interaction a reader can have with such a multi-layered digital book. It is like a follow your own adventure book on steroids!