Workload Overload

I continue to look at my calendar and think how am i going to get all this is done before prac. This will be my fourth prac and from previous experience uni work does not get a look in when im out on prac planning for lessons, going to teacher meetings and trying to get into the flow of the school routine. There always no many unknowns before starting a new prac too with a new mentor and new students – how will i intregrate and transform ICT into the classroom – what ICT is available in the classroom? is my mentor teacher tech savvy and already have a myriad of ICT intergrated into most lessons? what ICT abilities will these new students have? will they be competent with ICT? will they have more knowledge than me about ICT? will i be spending most of my time teaching ICT skills or teaching content using ICT?…. EIK lots of unknowns

I was reading michelleferriere post about transforming the Maths  curriculum and thought that was a brilliant find – to reinvent the Mathematics curriculum from the bottom up where computers are at the foundation – of course, im so glad someone out there is onto this.  Its refreshing to know that these important concepts are not just being taught in uni but are also transferring into the wider stream of educators.


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