Ass 2 Unit

Working through this weeks learning path, i have too many ideas swirling around in my head… deciding on my “somewhere” think i have my Pre-amble sorted –  Completed: Pre-amble tick.

Understanding  Identifying transforming and constructing knowledge objectives  Completed: Identifying transforming and constructing knowledge objectives tick. That seems pretty self-explanatory when i link it to my prior knowledge on Blooms Taxonomy.

Now to choose the content descriptor from the syllabus Students will know that… (Constructing Knowledge objectives) and Students will be able to… (Transforming objectives). 

What path do i go down…. i always seem to do a English unit or lesson when the choice is left up to me because i feel this is a weakness and the learning path clearly recommended I aim at my weakness to overcome it but then i saw  michelleferriere post about making mathematics fun and engaging with the help of incorporating ICT and i thought maybe i should focus on math because i always incorporate the use of hands on activities and concrete resources to maths lesson but little in the way of ICT unless you count the maths rotations where one group is independently doing a game on the ipads… but then again maybe History would be interesting, ive never planned a History unit so i headed over to the AC and realised that Humanities and Social Sciences has a new look, a new name p-6/7 HASS clearly i need to investigate this further so Yr 4 History it is – lets check out my First Fleet knowledge!


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