Stage 2 – assessment evidence

I always start an assignment by feeling overwhelmed, then there is usually a stage where i get a bit excited about planning the lessons and finding great activities to engage the students – usually involves a trip to Pinterest  and of course there it was a million ideas and activities about the First Fleet 🙂 Then i jumped back onto Google and discovered AC History Units written by Australian History teachers, without going into too much depth i wanted to use these as a guide as to how to sequence my unit for Assignmnet 2 then amplify and transform these lessons using ICTs – yeah!

So i continue to work thru the learning path & come to Stage 2 – assessment. Formative and Summative. These two usually confuse me so i say to myself Summative is a summary of all the work the students have done in the unit so it must go at the end. So what is formative?  i thought it was observing students progress and giving suggestions, reading their daily work and journals, having a group discussion and reflecting on the learning but i have now learnt that that would be incorrect and Formative is much more than that, it is infact….

Formative assessment: To be formative you must be able to give individual feedback to each student. If each student is doing a presentation of their answer, you still need to give some formal feedback on which they can reflect and act.

A class discussion of the question / answer would not be formative assessment.

QCAA says that formative assessment is formal and uses criteria and must include giving formal feedback on specific criteria. General observations, structured questions, and class discussion are not formative assessment. Turning in journals, marking drafts, short quizzes – all with feedback – are formative assessment.


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