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I had to laugh at Here a Tab, there a Tab, everywhere a Tab Tab… Boy do i have some Tabs open!! I really am enjoying reading my fellow students blogs and having all these Ahh Ha moments when i am feeling the exact same way as everyone else – its not just me 🙂 Then Michelle shared this hilarious new ABC’s for the youngest generation and this morning homework duty with my preppie popped into my head – this week is the letter ‘H’, she asked me whats begins with H? I said Hanky… and she looked at me with a “say what” face and said whats that?!?! then i rummaged around in my bottom drawer to find her great grandmas hanky… i really should have just said Hi5.

So to go with the flow and follow everyones lead im going to share my content descriptors matched with the best standard elaborations for my criteria…

 Yr 4 History / HASS

Content Descriptor

·          Stories of the First Fleet, including reasons for the journey, who travelled to Australia, and their experiences following arrival (ACHASSK085)

Matches with – Understanding & Skills Dimensions / Historical knowledge & understanding

Content Descriptor

·         Examine information to identify different points of view and distinguish facts from opinions (ACHASSI077)

Matches with – Understanding & Skills Dimension / Analysing & Interpret

Content Descriptor

  • Present ideas, findings and conclusions in texts and modes that incorporate digital and non-digital representations and discipline-specific terms (ACHASSI082)

Matches with – Understanding & Skills Dimensions / Communicating…

Now for my confusion do i elaborate on these are leave it as it is? Do i have three – one for each content descriptor? Back to the learning path for me to see if i can find some answers… your answers are more than welcomed!!!


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