Google It

Love that the learning path advised me to Google misconceptions that students may have about the content i wish to deliver… derr why didnt i think of that?!?! I google everything else! And i found a some great advise from teachers with loads more experience than me about those very misconceptions i need to know. Instead of being in the classroom and delivering a new lesson for the first time and then discovering students misconceptions – lets be prepared for that. My Science course had a huge focus on misconceptions so let my university brain generalise that over to all subjects and of course students are going to come in with prior knowledge that may be misconstrued – Knowing that there are common misconceptions is called Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) (if that doesnt ring a bell then google it 🙂 The Khan Academy has received some flack over their lack of PCK so again lets Be Prepared so says Simba from the Lion King! Which reminds me of Kung Fu Panda 3 wisdom – totally have to agree, when watching that with my kids on the school holidays good old Master Shifu had some advise very fitting for a teacher “I am not trying to turn you into me, I am turning you into you”.


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