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Working thru the learning path and reading everyones blogs i find myself signing up to hundreds of subscriptions and joining every teacher/learning site for ideas / apps / programs / the newest exciting ways to integrate ICT into the classroom sites imaginable! My poor inbox is flooded with emails for teachers and lesson ideas that i find myself just deleting everything before i even read it. As i say this here i am signing up to yet another site… Kahoot! I always plan to come back to these sites and explore how I would use them in the classroom but i usually just run out of time and think ill get back to that later… but later is running out as assignmnet 2 is looming so im going in-depth with kahoot (mostly because i like the name) I am also swamped in History content because i want to know as much as i can about the content im teaching then i get really interested in the stories and spend the whole day discovering what women in the 1700s wore on sunday – ahh get back on track!



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