Sound Waves

Each Monday morning, my class and the class next door combine and are introduced to the new Sound of the week. It has been my task last week and this week to deliver this lesson and last week i was able to use an interactive game for the students to sort and match the “ee, ey, ea” words into their correct groups. This week the “mm, m & mb” sounds are proving troublesome to find a relevant interactive online task to accompany my brain storm/discussion. The students usually display their prior knowledge as each join me at the white board and write up what words contain these sounds. The school uses the Sound Waves program- a phonemic approach to learning – students in my class at are three different levels catering for the students individual learning needs.


And so begins wk 3

Week three is about to begin and i am feeling tired. The excitement of the first week has slightly washed away with the feeling of LOTS of lesson planning coming up in the final week! I do LOVE the classroom but i am just not used to working full time while juggling my usual responsibilities and i feel a little bit like my head is spinning!


System Down

Dont stress if the system is down at school because i know we are all so over planned for that scenario that we will just pull out our back up plan – a wonderful hands on activity that we were hoping to incorporate anyway 😀

BUT what happens when the system is down at home arrghh! yesterday i had a big day of lesson planning and assignments all planned for when my internet at home crashes?!?! What this never happens, the babysitter is lined up so i can have a quiet house and theres no internet – how did teachers plan and uni students study before the internet?!  Im sure there was a lot more use of the library and school resource books must have been plentiful but i was not prepared for this obstacle. Luckily my mobile phone data was still working so i tethered the mobile hot spot to my laptop and went on my merry way… hours of sitting in front of the computer ahead of me. As 

P.s. When my internet finally came back on (24hrs later!) google couldnt even tell me how teachers taught before the internet – i got pages and pages of how the internet is helping teachers and found this blog proving how it can transform learning – nice story, my goal!79048233_2219077b


so heading into my literacy lesson my mentor says i would like you to use the WALT poster today… ummm ok i think unsure about what he speaking about?!?! Havent heard that acronym before, as i had of course seen the poster on his wall but had not seen him use it. I must have had a confused look on my face because he said have you not heard of it? haha no i say so he simply tell me it stands for  What We Are Learning To… and says what are the objectives of your lesson, after a million ideas flying threw my head i try to remember back to what i had written on my lesson plan and he just says your over thinking it! So after finishing my lesson and using the WALT poster (dont know how successfully) i had a big list of what im looking for written on the board to guide the students writing. When i get home i search WALT and discover this site  which informs me WILF goes together with WALT so i was on track without even knowing it – phew!

Lesson Plans

so after being told by my mentor what im going to be teaching during the week i rush home and complete my  EDC3100 Prac Lesson Plans  and email them to him. The next morning he kindly says he doesnt expect me to do lesson plans which i smile and say thanks but uni expects them of me. He has hanging on the white board a poster showing  “I do – We do → You do” as shared by 

Behaviour Management

I have found myself in a wonderful room where behaviour management isnt a huge issue. Of course i still have students trying to speak over each other every now and again but it doesnt take too much effort to bring them back to focus. There was one little boy who was testing me last week…. he has ASD and i asked him to write a dear diary entry in his journal book – now you think this would be very straight forward but to him this was a big deal as i was asking his to write about what he expected to see and do at the show (our class excursion for the next day) unfortunately he was adamant that the journal book was only for writing about their weekend (class routine is every monday they write an entry about their weekend) so that was it for him for the rest of that lesson he refused to work. As M

Week One – Done!

Finished week one of prac and have to say im exhausted! not used to this working full time stuff and running the kids around im like a headless chicken and my friends informed me i have fallen off the face of the planet but i sure did enjoy it! Done the Interim Report with my mentor on wednesday as thursday we got the pleasure of taking all the students from the SEP on a full day excursion to the show – and that wasnt all smooth sailing but i definitely did learn a lot from my mentor! Reflecting with my mentor about my first few days – relieved to say he was happy with my progress and we decided the key component for me to focus on in the next week is to keep the expectations of the students high – new teacher doesn’t mean slack off and have an easy ride they still need to put in their best work! Aparently im too nice haha As 


egg carton addition.jpgOhh i do love being in the classroom, what a great day we had!! I totally agree with  i can get so overwhelmed when assignments are piling up that i think whhyyyy am i doing this and being back in the classroom reminds me exactly why!! The nerves went out the window once i arrived and i think i had the most relaxed day i have ever in a classroom, i think it was the energy from the mentor, very relaxed which the children in the SEP responded very well too.

So i had spent all weekend planning for my maths block to teach today (egg carton addition & an interactive addition game) but Unfortunately all the computers/internet were down in the whole region – luckily i had over planned and had a back up hands-on activity prepared (dominos addition), which the mentor was pretty happy with – i also fished out the IWB from behind a wall of stuff (for some reason i could get that working today but no other ICT ?!?!) so that was fun playing with and used it to introduce the lesson, and because it was out in the open and switched ON the mentor decided to use it too

Here we go!

so sitting in my car at 8:10 friday morning quickly doing a facebook update.. “so my stomach is in my throat and im about to have a heart attack, must be the first day of prac”… i stepped out of the car and faked some confidence and walked up to my new prac classroom to find a very chilled substitute teacher awaiting my arrival! (was asked to arrive at 8;20 but was a tad excited so arrived a little bit earlier than expected 😀 Yah im here back in the classroom and it did feel good! Got to meet the class, lovely bunch, combined years 4 and 5 in the special education unit. When i was talking to my mentor earlier in the week he suggested i do a little one-on-one conference with each student on my first day to find out about their likes and dislikes and how they prefer to learn etc so i had my list of questions and a little Hello letter for them to give to their parents, found out most of them love sports and computers are also a bit of a fav 🙂 my mentor had mentioned they were focusing on addition for one more week, the class is working at around a year 1 level so im ready with my Egg Carton Addition for Monday thanks to Miss Brain and her youtube clip. I also found out we are going on an excursion on Thursday – woot woot off to the show we go!

Facebook & Privacy

Reading JAZUPBLOG about facebook and privacy issues i was very interested to read this article about France’s laws on sharing images of your young children for the world to see and the future repercussions for them as they grow up and realise their whole lives are published to the world – i also thought about their future job prospects and some of the unforgiving images and info my friends share about their children that even i think, i dont think they should really be sharing that!  I have definitely toned back my facebook sharing (especially now that my kids are a bit older and always saying dont share that mum). I have also uped the privacy since being on many pracs and teacher aiding in high schools – private life and work life needs to have boundaries. But them i flicked over to facey and seem an uplifting story  my cousin posted that reminded me it’s not all bad – theres always a balance of the good and the bad.