Never ahead

So i get my assignment 2 in – YAH then move onto Module 3 – never ahead always behind arrgghhh dont know how people can fit it all in, doesnt matter the turtle made it in the end

Friended my first prac mentor on facebook after doing prac with her 3 years ago because we got along like a house on fire, only wish she wasnt transferred to Mackay because i would have loved to do a return prac with her (she has suggested a long distance prac experience haha would be a good way to just focus on prac and not have to also run the household and get my kids to school and sports while on prac but back to reality no running away to Macaky for 3 wks) usually she just shares humorous teaching quotes and holiday snaps but last nite she had a pic of her son playing a thing called OSMO   with the tag line … gonna be using this is maths rotations! So how could i not go and investigate further and its a snazzy little invention to make iPad apps more hands on! Pop a camera on top of the iPad and this creates your “playing field” – 5 different games included – numbers, words, tangram, masterpiec and newton, looks like something i could invest in – for class and for my own kids :))


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