Lesson Plans & Reflection

Reflect Reflect Reflect

Reflect on the students learning and behaviour during the lesson, reflect what i as a teacher thought went well or needs improving for future lesson (be it content, strategies, activities) and reflect with the mentor and get their informed feedback about how the lesson went – im happy to reflect i understand how it makes us better as teachers and its importance to create better lesson for the future – lets get reflecting 🙂

I have had some very different mentors and their opinions on lesson plans, one wasnt interested in reading my lesson plans she felt it was best for me to deliver the lesson then together we would reflect what didnt work, another mentor was very organised and gave me unit plans for all the subjects prior to my arrival so i knew where the class was at with their learning, then she preferred to read my lesson plans a couple of days in advance to me delivering them so we could discuss how we could improve it. I prefer the later. Be prepared helps me feel less nervous and stressed, i like to know what im doing going into a lesson, know the strategies, activities, and if necessary change the lesson as we progress once i have engaged the students understanding of the topic. And i always like to have the students reflect at the end of their lesson – could be in a fun little quiz, first one to answer the question gets to go to lunch first, reflection is great for everyone. I liked this article in the learning path that simply states –



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