Digital Citizenship

So its Friday and i have finally started this weeks learning path… my other subjects are being neglected again but with prac flying towards us at the speed of light i want all the info to be prepared for integrating ICT-rich lesson plans.

In response to the discussion forum and my own digital citizenship i have to say personally im a bit on the relaxed side of the subject which isnt a good thing – i know i have Norton working in the background hopefully stopping all the spys! i get a ridiculous amount of Spam mail, offering me millions of dollars, which many years ago i would have to think twice if it was legit but with the amount of spam i get these days its pretty clear every second person isnt going to deposit $10000000000 dollars in my account if i give them my bank account details. I have to say i had to Google the word PHISING – just a cool acronym for lots of spam out there and sadly the first time i had a spam phone call i let them remotely control my computer to clear up all the apparent viruses and problems my computer was having! derrrr…. I have had my credit card stolen online and used to buy a $2000 bike in sweden, luckily my bank company was all over that and called me to inform me that credit card would need to be cancelled, so looking back i have taken the long way (often the wrong way) around cyber safety. In my defense school never taught us about cyber safety because it was never as issue when then was no cyber. Seeing the best in everyone i thought the indian fellow who remotely controlled my computer was actually helping me and if i paid him $300 he would keep my computer free from viruses in the future. But its not just me, identify theft in always on the news with poor old elderly people being conned into giving away their savings to someone on the other end of the phone and just yesterday i found phone in the public toilets, it wasnt locked so i could scroll through all their contacts, get onto their facebook account and get any details i wanted, being the trusting person i am i handed it in to the service desk, hopefully that person is just as honest as me and tried to find the rightful owner – maybe if i had done the Cyber Safety Quiz 20 years ago i would have been a little more prepared.


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