Things to remember

i like the three top tips to remember or Professional Experience and for Assignment 3 from the learning path:

  1. Prepare well (Part B);
  2. Try new things (Part C – the lesson plans); and,
  3. Reflect upon what worked and why. (Part D).

Lots of the info im focusing on from the learning path is that ICT doesnt have to involve the whole class at the same time, and this article  provides 6 tips for using ICT when you dont have access to unlimited amounts of devices in the classroom. When i picture rotations i still envision a hands on activity or two, then maybe an ipad group (because im sure it will be easier to get access to 6 Ipads then 26 ipad to cover the whole class) then maybe a IWB task. This is how a lot of my rotations have worked in the past with previous pracs but i also need to rememeber to apply step 2 – Try New Things!! For example i have never used cameras in the classroom (also because i dont want to over step the mark about privacy and have pictures of students who arent allowed to have their pictures taken. But before introducing the camera i would simply need to set the rules that we are not taking pictures of each other we are taking pictures of what we are learning) i might try to get a camera activity in one of my lesson plans somewhere…. something to remember.


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