ICTs in the classroom

This morning I came across this blog post by Luke Wardell which I found to be quite interesting. Luke explains how many people in this course are finding the limited amount of ICT resources in their prac classrooms quite daunting. However, Luke explains that the amount of ICT resources has actually increased a significant amount […]

YAHH i have finally meet with my mentor, visited the class and know the amount of ICTs in the classroom – and id have to say im pleased with the access and devises available. Questions to the Mentor i had jotted on my note book –

  • what ICTs available – answer, 3 computers in the room, IWB and access to 6 iPads (computer lab in the school has been closed for some time with no re-open date in sight…maybe end of term, maybe start of next term)
  • how are the students skill level with ICT – limited skill, but they do enjoy interacting with the IWB
  • Are the ICT all in good condition / working order and good WIFI? yes yes yes

Feeling good about the ICT, the mentor seems happy for me to integrate ICT where ever i can, and after meeting the class (and them asking my mentor if i was his wife) they were all pretty happy that i would be joining them next wk.

And after reading Coutney’s blog about ICTs 10yrs ago via ICTs in the Primary School… — Blog of an EDC3100 student- courtney howlett i would have to agree we have tons more access to the world wide web and i cant remember ever seeing a youtube clip at school, we did have the big chunky TVs on stands being wheeled around the school connected to a VCR player, and we always seemed to watch an ABC news clip haha maybe Behind the News rings a bell 😀


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