Tomorrow’s the Day!

The offical count down has hit one more sleep! Having to do a make-up day because of our local show holiday next friday i decided to start prac earlier to meet the students and see how the class routine rolls before i start running lessons. Im excited and nervous and knowing that there will be a substitute teacher in the classroom makes me feel that starting earlier wont have that much advantages because the students routine will be out of whack and they will possibly be behaving differently than they would have for their regular teacher. But it is still exciting and i cant wait to get into the classroom. My mentor has loosely told me he wants me to do something with addition next week but they will be wrapping up that unit and moving onto patterns. so guess what ill be researching all weekend haha the best way to teach addition and pattering! totally left field he also mentioned phonics and when i picked up my sons iPad this morning i found a great phonics app that somewhere along the line i had put on there for him or my daughter?!?! i think i would forget my head sometimes if it wasnt connected to my neck!



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