Facebook & Privacy

Reading JAZUPBLOG about facebook and privacy issues i was very interested to read this article about France’s laws on sharing images of your young children for the world to see and the future repercussions for them as they grow up and realise their whole lives are published to the world – i also thought about their future job prospects and some of the unforgiving images and info my friends share about their children that even i think, i dont think they should really be sharing that!  I have definitely toned back my facebook sharing (especially now that my kids are a bit older and always saying dont share that mum). I have also uped the privacy since being on many pracs and teacher aiding in high schools – private life and work life needs to have boundaries. But them i flicked over to facey and seem an uplifting story  my cousin posted that reminded me it’s not all bad – theres always a balance of the good and the bad.



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