Here we go!

so sitting in my car at 8:10 friday morning quickly doing a facebook update.. “so my stomach is in my throat and im about to have a heart attack, must be the first day of prac”… i stepped out of the car and faked some confidence and walked up to my new prac classroom to find a very chilled substitute teacher awaiting my arrival! (was asked to arrive at 8;20 but was a tad excited so arrived a little bit earlier than expected 😀 Yah im here back in the classroom and it did feel good! Got to meet the class, lovely bunch, combined years 4 and 5 in the special education unit. When i was talking to my mentor earlier in the week he suggested i do a little one-on-one conference with each student on my first day to find out about their likes and dislikes and how they prefer to learn etc so i had my list of questions and a little Hello letter for them to give to their parents, found out most of them love sports and computers are also a bit of a fav 🙂 my mentor had mentioned they were focusing on addition for one more week, the class is working at around a year 1 level so im ready with my Egg Carton Addition for Monday thanks to Miss Brain and her youtube clip. I also found out we are going on an excursion on Thursday – woot woot off to the show we go!


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