egg carton addition.jpgOhh i do love being in the classroom, what a great day we had!! I totally agree with  i can get so overwhelmed when assignments are piling up that i think whhyyyy am i doing this and being back in the classroom reminds me exactly why!! The nerves went out the window once i arrived and i think i had the most relaxed day i have ever in a classroom, i think it was the energy from the mentor, very relaxed which the children in the SEP responded very well too.

So i had spent all weekend planning for my maths block to teach today (egg carton addition & an interactive addition game) but Unfortunately all the computers/internet were down in the whole region – luckily i had over planned and had a back up hands-on activity prepared (dominos addition), which the mentor was pretty happy with – i also fished out the IWB from behind a wall of stuff (for some reason i could get that working today but no other ICT ?!?!) so that was fun playing with and used it to introduce the lesson, and because it was out in the open and switched ON the mentor decided to use it too


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