System Down

Dont stress if the system is down at school because i know we are all so over planned for that scenario that we will just pull out our back up plan – a wonderful hands on activity that we were hoping to incorporate anyway 😀

BUT what happens when the system is down at home arrghh! yesterday i had a big day of lesson planning and assignments all planned for when my internet at home crashes?!?! What this never happens, the babysitter is lined up so i can have a quiet house and theres no internet – how did teachers plan and uni students study before the internet?!  Im sure there was a lot more use of the library and school resource books must have been plentiful but i was not prepared for this obstacle. Luckily my mobile phone data was still working so i tethered the mobile hot spot to my laptop and went on my merry way… hours of sitting in front of the computer ahead of me. As 

P.s. When my internet finally came back on (24hrs later!) google couldnt even tell me how teachers taught before the internet – i got pages and pages of how the internet is helping teachers and found this blog proving how it can transform learning – nice story, my goal!79048233_2219077b


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