so heading into my literacy lesson my mentor says i would like you to use the WALT poster today… ummm ok i think unsure about what he speaking about?!?! Havent heard that acronym before, as i had of course seen the poster on his wall but had not seen him use it. I must have had a confused look on my face because he said have you not heard of it? haha no i say so he simply tell me it stands for  What We Are Learning To… and says what are the objectives of your lesson, after a million ideas flying threw my head i try to remember back to what i had written on my lesson plan and he just says your over thinking it! So after finishing my lesson and using the WALT poster (dont know how successfully) i had a big list of what im looking for written on the board to guide the students writing. When i get home i search WALT and discover this site  which informs me WILF goes together with WALT so i was on track without even knowing it – phew!


One thought on “WALT & WILF

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