Final day done and dusted

OMG prac has finished – what will i do with all my free time – thats right i have a mountain of uni assignments to do !!

After loads of hugs from the kids (all day) and them telling me im the best teacher ever (next week it will be someone else haha), presents from my mentor and a lovely card, As 

The last day was so much fun my mentor decided to throw me a farewell party, (i called it a celebration, be called it a mourning)  the kids brought in a plate to share and morning session was set with games and balloons and lots of party food – only to discover on friday morning as i walk into the classroom my mentor looks at me with a oh no i have to tell you something face! The school is having some special visitors and our classroom is being audited! party out – impromptu punctuation lesson instead :(( i thought the kids would throw a huge tantrum but they took it well and i had to think on my feet to create a 1 1/2hr literacy lesson – so we reviewed all the punctuation we had be learning over the week and nouns and verbs were from the week  – NO ICTs in this lesson as the IWB had thrown in the towel yesterday and is yet to be fixed, iPads were all out in other classrooms and the classroom computers hadnt worked since day one, we made it thru, the auditors DIDN’T show up as they had spent their 2hrs in a meeting with the principle and didnt even make it out to the classrooms and we decided 15mins before the lunch bell to PARTY – what a great little class!!!


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