ICT Issues!

Prac was amazing, tiring, sleepless and so much fun. The sleepless nights came from trying to incorporate ICTs into my lessons in a way that wasnt just replacement, finding relevant, appropriate sites that would amplify a lesson and then hoping the following days those sites would work at school – most outcomes were NO!

Sites that i could use at home didn’t work at school, or the iPads were all flat, the students didnt know their passwords for the class computers – EVER – and they weren’t going to be updated until after the new computer lab was built which is sometime next term (last term teachers were told sometime this term) the IWB was the only consist ICT that worked without fail, oh no thats right it decided enough was enough on the second last day and refused to respond, completely frozen in time AARRGGHH As 

If not for ICT the prac was fabulous, my mentor has asked for me to return for my internship, he even wanted to offer me a contract for next year when he’s off having an operation (but i will not have finished uni in time) and the school co-ordinator said she has heard nothing but good things, so come back for my internship and maybe there will be a job waiting for me (im sure they all say that) but overall im feeling great!

I found this article interesting “How to find a job when you graduate” not just teachers but all uni students – the one that stood out was have a squeaky clean digital footprint – very relevant for teachers, as i had a couple of year 6 students ask to be my friend on facebook! ummm not gonna happen.


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